Frequently Asked Questions


I want to volunteer but don't know where to begin

That is great that you want to be involved.  We always needs volunteers, however much time (or little) you have.  It is a great way to connect to your community, and helps us grow a healthy community.  This is a time for you to forget the stresses of life and be part of a group or project doing some good without the worry.

You might be interested in volunteering for Hay Bale Barriers Team or managing our digital media or being on a committee Plenty of jobs to go round!  Give it a go, and click here to get in touch

Where does your money come from?

We rely on fundraising and grant applications.  We are not employed by the Auckland Council, but we have a great partnership with the Franklin Local Board who help where they can.  Lotteries has committed considerable funding for the next three years.  


I have an issue with the Trust

Sorry to hear that, we are not perfect, but we try very hard on very little resources.   Please if you have any issues, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your concern, and a possible, positive solution to address this if appropriate, with an offer of your time maybe?  Let us know when you are free to have a chat, and we can sort it out.


What's happening with a particular project?

Some projects take longer than we wish to come to fruition, and there are often factors outside our control.  We will post updates on our Facebook page when new information comes to hand.  Need a lot of patience in this game, with a good dose of determination we find!




How do I find out about your charity at Charities Services?

Click here for the Charities Services website, and you will find all the legal stuff about Beachlands Community Trust.