Well, in short, we are you!  The Trust is managed by trustees, who all live in our community.  The trustees volunteer their time, skills and enthusiasm to make it happen.   There is one full time employee, Jenny Carter who manages the day to day running of the Trust.  This involves managing the event, working with volunteers, and networking with the stakeholders.


   Dr Faye Clark Trustee

 A long time resident of Beachlands and retired GP, seen a few changes in that time, and is passionate about keeping the community spirit alive.



  Jenny Carter  Manager/Trustee

Mum of two hard case boys, many years of charity work, can be found down at the Beachlands Hall managing stuff.   


  Alex Cameron Trustee

 Local resident from way back and offers local knowledge to the Trust, and a passion for community and history.   


 Priyanka Patel Trustee

A recent newcomer and local business operator, Priyanka brings  project management and business skills to the mix.


    Sara Warris Trustee

A new addition to the Trust and long term resident, Sara supports the book keeping part of the running of the Trust (and is an awesome baker!)


 Keith Warris Trustee

Likes to get things done, Keith plays a key role in running  the Annual Trolley Derby, and enjoys creating mad trolleys to be sent down the hill!